Financial Flows, Supply Chain Politics, and Europe’s Stagflation

There is a slowdown in global growth. The economies of a once highly globalized world are drifting apart. The EMU economy is being hit particularly hard. The recession is coming and, according to projections, the EMU will soon enter stagflation, the worst of economic states.

Hungary’s Thirst for Freedom in Politics and Daily Life

European debates tend to ignore the fact that Hungarian politics—sometimes peculiar and certainly unusual to many Western observers—is not meant to curb liberties or enable oppression but, on the contrary, to further freedom and efforts to attain it.

America’s Energy Policy

America went from being a net energy importer to a net energy exporter. Today, US energy sources are more diversified and abundant than ever before.

Slovakia Turns Thirty


‘Slovakia has turned thirty years old. Whether the past three decades can be considered a success story remains an open question. The Slovak nation achieved the independence it had always wanted.’