The Seven Lean Years Are Here

Upon the advent of the new decade, it was expected that the 2020s would be challenging even without a major economic crisis or another high-impact, low-probability event after the COVID–19 pandemic.

The Way of Conservative Innovation

Ever since the Revolution in France split politics into left and right, the two polarities have been cast as those ‘in favour of change’ and those ‘against change’. The picture of conservative politics found in this discourse has typically favoured the left, which portrays conservatism as an undynamic preservation of the existing order.

The Ties That Bind Us

In any process whereby knowledge flows from the centre outward to the periphery, we are resigned to the gradual and all-encompassing inhibition of information and knowledge available to the system we inhabit and depend upon.

An Appeal from the Old to the New Conservatives

Conservatives are those who uphold tradition, the nation, and the values of the Bible. If we take care to uphold those principles consistently, it will become increasingly difficult, and eventually impossible, for those who advocate other principles, to present themselves as conservatives.

Caught in the Crossfire: Can Transcarpathia Recover?

As long as legal harassment, inter-ethnic conflicts, economic hardships and—on top of all that—war plague the Hungarians in Ukraine, their survival can only be assured by the heroic perseverance we have seen in them countless times before.

Budapest, City of Conservatives

Among the rising generation of conservatives in the US and Western Europe, both Hungary and its capital are becoming synonymous with intellectual conservatism.