Hungarian Conservative

Day: May 31, 2024

The event was organized by the Defence Sports Federation established in 2017 to provide young people with unique, military-style pre-training opportunities. This year saw a record number of entries, and
In what was a highly controversial process from the very beginning, a Manhattan jury found former President Donald Trump guilty on all felony counts. Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán expressed his
‘It does have some positive effect to see political opponents act so civilly with each other. However, it also subtracted from the entertainment value of the debate; and the performances
‘If Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni manage to work together, either in a group or in a coalition, they will be the strength of Europe,’ stated Hungarian Prime Minister
According to a statement from the F.D. Roosevelt University Hospital, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has been discharged and is currently under home care. Fico was shot five times on
The Veszprém Zoo is characterized by conscious and continuous development, expanding year by year. The new big cat enclosure was realized with funds from the government’s Modern Cities Programme.
The museum, designed by Marcel Ferencz, received a gold medal at the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence awards ceremony, one of the most prestigious international real estate developer awards. Another notable
‘“Today marks a new chapter for Poland,” Ursula von der Leyen claimed in early May when announcing the European Commission’s decision to withdraw its case against Poland in the Article
According to Nikola Kedhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Albanian Policy Center, defending a nation’s sovereignty requires a constant battle in the media, academia, and the political