Hungarian Conservative

Day: May 29, 2024

During the reign of King Stephen, the political aspect of the King’s devotion to Mary was only secondary and could be seen much more as the individual devotion of a
‘Being a conservative in Berkeley is like you’re surrounded by Marxists. I think sometimes Hungary feels the same, surrounded by these European progressive elites,’ John Yoo, former US government official
According to a survey by the MCC Youth Research Institute, 53 per cent of Hungarians aged 15–29 have used ChatGPT or other similar AI tools in the past. A vast
According to Hungarian Finance Minister Mihály Varga, Hungary has received an additional HUF 184 billion from previously frozen EU funds. Varga pointed out that these funds serve as an ex-post
Day 2 of the Rule of Law as Lawfare Conference featured speeches by István Stumpf, a former justice on the Constitutional Court of Hungary, Aleksander Stępkowski, Supreme Court of Poland
‘Trump’s presidency promises one certain development: a 180-degree turn; peace instead of war. President Trump’s attitude towards Europe is well known: he is tough on our continent and he does
Former US President Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential candidate, spoke about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a recent interview, praising the latter’s pro-peace stance on the war in