Hungarian Conservative

Day: May 24, 2024

‘That Britain chose to join the EEC in 1975 was a tragedy. That it left the EU with the utmost incompetence in 2016 was a farce caused entirely by the
As of this May, the National Graphical Programming Competition, established by the John von Neumann Computer Society, will bear the name of Mihály Kovács (1916⁠–⁠2006), Hungary’s first secondary school computer
According to Fanni Lajkó, an analyst at the Center for Fundamental Rights, Europe faces two paths in the upcoming June elections: succumbing to pro-war views or rising up to restore
An ethnic Hungarian woman in Trascaprathia, Ukraine, who asked to remain anonymous, penned an open letter, asking for prayers for the men and their families in Ukraine who are in
According to a survey commissioned by liberal think tank Republikon, Szentkirályi has managed to rally the Fidesz base in the capital, while Karácsony has succeeded in garnering support from the
Social media plays a significant role in young people’s lives: according to research conducted by the Hungarian Media Authority, children use popular social media sites daily. The aim of the
The first scientific results from the Euclid mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) have arrived, including five new images of the universe with unprecedented detail, which showcase the telescope’s
Ilaria Salis, an Italian anti-fascist activist, was moved from a Budapest prison to house arrest on Thursday morning after spending over 15 months in custody. The court had ordered the