Hungarian Conservative

Day: May 1, 2024

‘Our fate has become one with that of the European Union not only because of integration, but also for geographical, economic, cultural and civilizational reasons. If the ship sinks, we
‘When you move abroad, either of necessity or at your own initiative, the inevitable clash between the host and home cultures raises questions about the future of your mother tongue,
‘Now, the only remaining fortresses of conservatives are small media outlets, and they strongly need international cooperation, not only for the credibility, but also to protect them against the attacks
Standing at sunrise on a rocky lookout point on the Gerecse mountain, listening to the babel of birds singing in the Bakony, reaching a small village in Zemplén at noon
Is 1 May is a communist holiday, a Catholic feast, a folk tradition, or a universal celebration of labour? Whichever way we look at it, what is certain is that