Hungarian Conservative

Day: April 3, 2024

SC Freiburg winger Roland Sallai’s value has been raised to €15 million from €12 million by the online football database Meanwhile, Dominik Szoboszlai, currently in an intense title race
The politician thanked his predecessor, István Hollik, for his work. ‘We will fight with our heads held high and our backs straight, and thanks to the strength of our community,
Another, earlier-than-ever date has emerged regarding the completion of the Hungarian section of the Budapest–Belgrade railway line. As before, the source of the information on the new date is the
The voters of Wisconsin voted to amend their state constitution, putting stricter election rules in place. Also, just like in all other swing states, the Republican primary turnout outnumbered that
‘Green energy production, storage, utilization, and recycling: this is how the green economy is built, of which Hungary is a leader in the world, not a follower’, Government Commissioner László
Lőrinc Nacsa and István Hollik, politicians of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), submitted a bill to the National Assembly on Tuesday proposing to ban the sale of energy
‘There is a lot of interest from universities, professors, and students in studying in Europe, because we can offer an affordable degree and high-quality education in a world-class city. After
‘There was a period in American history when elite financial interests were aligned with the national interest. Now, those are diverging. I’m calling for cultivating a contemporary sense of noblesse