Hungarian Conservative

Day: March 25, 2024

After vetoing the call for a ceasefire in Gaza in February, Hungary ultimately subscribed to a joint statement on 21 March for the first time since the outbreak of
The latest episode of the BBC’s top-rated business reality show, The Apprentice, showcases the most beautiful sights of Budapest, potentially attracting tens of thousands of British tourists to Hungary.
Both Viktor Orbán and Péter Szijjártó have extended their condolences to Russia over the tragic events that occurred last Friday at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow. The circumstances surrounding
Among the foods eaten in Italy at Easter, Gianni Annoni highlighted lamb, which is mainly imported from Hungary. He added that eggs are also important, used to decorate savoury cakes,
A driver drifted off the road and into a crowd of spectators at the Esztergom–Nyerges rally near Lábatlan, Hungary. The tragic accident killed four and injured eight.
Relics of Budapest’s metro will be showcased in a special exhibition space set up in the former dispatcher centre at Deák Ferenc Square station on metro line M2. The exhibition
With the early arrival of spring this year, the country’s arboretums and botanical gardens are in full bloom now. Magyar Krónika collected a set of arboretums worth visiting this March.
According to Martin Robinson, the essential question about the use of AI in general is whether it is humans who remain in charge of and part of the process, or
Hungarian American Tisza Fizli was born and raised in Los Angeles but currently studies economics in Hungary, at Corvinus University as a Diaspora Higher Education Scholar. In the interview, she
While conservative ethnic Hungarians mainly stood behind Alliance candidate Krisztián Forró, a significant part of the liberal camp either stayed away from the polls or voted for the liberal–progressive Slovak