Hungarian Conservative

Day: March 7, 2024

Hungary and the European Space Agency have signed a framework agreement, paving the way for the Hungarian space research programme to be conducted in collaboration with the agency, making it
A total of 23 applications were received, of which 19 were considered valid and worthy of support by the evaluation committee.
The president of MRC Free Speech America reminded that the only criminal charges of the many against President Trump that have any legal merit are the ones related to mishandling
Former Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is the frontrunner to become NATO’s next Secretary General, with the support of Washington, London, Berlin, and Paris. However, Hungary has expressed objections regarding
Industrial power plants and storage facilities can be connected to the grid by 2030, the Ministry of Energy announced. The current energy storage capacity of only twenty megawatts could increase
‘Communist-inspired wokeness, under the pretension to promote ‘anti-racism’, has not only captivated university campuses and social media, but it has also infiltrated the mindset in the workplace, in both the
In the midst of tensions among the Visegrád Group countries, Viktor Orbán spoke about the potential for a partnership between Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Serbia. In what areas could these