Hungarian Conservative

Day: February 14, 2024

‘Allowing a diversity of opinion to inform one’s judgment really can be a source of strength. And, to paraphrase Cicero, taking history seriously is necessary if you wish to be
According to a recent survey, Europeans express greater apprehension towards migration and radical Islamist terrorism than towards the threat posed by Russia. The findings of the poll suggest a significant
According to MCC Brussels Director Frank Füredi, it is crucial to intellectually empower children, and if the quality of teaching does not improve in classrooms, the future of education
According to Dr Samuel Noble, countries with a predominantly Orthodox Christian population have been able and willing to preserve their traditions. Contrary to the proposition put forth by Samuel Huntington,
The two will be starring in Nuremberg, a historical drama directed by James Vanderbilt about American psychiatrist Douglas M. Kelley’s series of interviews with incarcerated Nazi leader Hermann Göring ahead
At an online conference titled Cooperation under the Palm Trees held on 9 February the invited panellists represented various Florida-based Hungarian organizations. Participants from eight countries all over the world
On this day that millions of Christians observe worldwide, we share St John Paul II’s thoughts on the significance of Ash Wednesday.