Hungarian Conservative

Day: January 24, 2024

All indications suggest that Viktor Orbán and Volodymyr Zelenskyy may soon be sitting down at the negotiating table. The parties have a multitude of contentious issues to discuss, beginning with
Because of technicalities and an odd decision by the DNC, President Joe Biden actually was not on the ballot in the party’s primary in New Hampshire. After 2016 and 2020,
The Turkish parliament approved Sweden’s application for NATO membership on Tuesday, leaving only the Hungarian ratification to stand in the way of the Nordic country’s full membership.
Having completed four successful races last year, covering a total of more than 777 hours on water racing, Szabolcs Weöres secured the 34th position in the qualification list for the
Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Máté Paczolay, stated: ‘The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade responded to the threat immediately. We have informed our representations in Ukraine and
Kincsem won all 54 races she ran, a record that holds to this day. However, as a filly, she was never sold because of her plain looks—which ended up greatly
‘If we disrupt the triple unity of competitiveness, preserving the quality of our created world, and ensuring food security, then the system will not be sustainable. Farmer protests draw attention
At the end of the opening worship service, participants collectively prayed for persecuted Christians. Since 2018, the opening day of the joint programme series of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference
The scandal surrounding the Alternative for Germany (AfD) is intensifying, with growing calls to ban the right-wing party. The left-wing media’s demonizing smear campaign has played a significant role in
Jorgosz Lanthimos’s film Poor Things received 11 nominations, including Best Production Design. As the production designer of the film, Zsuzsa Mihalek, along with production designer James Price and Shona Heath,