Hungarian Conservative

Day: July 19, 2023

The 32nd Tusványos festival, organised under the motto ‘The Time for Peace,’ will offer around five hundred public and cultural events until the end of the week.
The minister recalled that the Factory Rescue Programme was launched by the government following the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, to enable domestic companies to strengthen their independence from
Target deciding to pull some of its controversial LGBT merchandise proves that the conservative consumer base in the United States does have considerable power to counteract the mainstream push of
Mihály Varga recalled that during the pandemic, it became evident that Hungary needed to increase its self-sufficiency in the health industry. Therefore, in 2020, the government launched the Healthcare Industry
Katalin Novák pointed out that it was the first time a Hungarian President visited Tanzania and emphasised the importance of understanding the Tanzanian people’s mentality and way of life, with
Given the country profile of Hungary, it is a refreshing achievement that it has moved up a league to Moderate Innovators, even though its performance is 70.4 per cent of