Hungarian Conservative

Day: May 19, 2023

Deputy State Secretary Péter Szilágyi reminded that the government-sponsored Mentor Programme aiming to train and organise ethnic Hungarian entrepreneurs, has been implemented in the Carpathian Basin since 2019, with the
According to Frontex, the number of illegal border crossings has reached a record level, increasing by 292 percent on the Mediterranean route between January and April compared to the same
The Hungarian government has vetoed the 11th EU sanctions package against Russia after it was revealed that Volodymyr Zelenskyy allegedly urged the bombing of the Druzhba pipeline, a crucial route
As a closing thought of his lecture, Dr Peterson explained that a central unifying spirit connects the biblical stories he had cited, and if we get into a proper relationship
Miklós Szánthó, the Director General of the Center for Fundamental Rights, has agreed to join The New York Young Republican Club’s Board of Advisors.
The prime minister emphasised that whether there is the possibility of a military resolution or the need for ceasefire and peace negotiations, Hungary stands on the side of peace, therefore