Hungarian Conservative

Day: May 16, 2023

In February 2020, the Central Chief Prosecution Office of Investigation pressed charges against two leaders of a Northern Hungarian district office for corruption offences. The officials had requested a bribe
‘If the European Union views China as a rival, it will lose out. It has become evident in recent years that China has a competitive advantage in many areas of
Protestors from the radical environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion interrupted two speeches at the National Conservatism Conference currently ongoing in London. A similar grandiose event, CPAC Hungary, recently wrapped up in
State Secretary Potápi reminded that the history of Hungary would have been unthinkable without the Jews in the early Middle Ages, and then later, from the 18th century until the
The State Secretary said that since 2010, every year has been the year of families in Hungary. He added that the family support programmes in the country are still work
The concept of the ‘Bulwark of Christendom’ appeared in all border areas where two civilisations and religions came into contact. However, the conscious and regular use of the term is