Hungarian Conservative

Day: April 14, 2023

Budapest energy prices were the lowest among capitals that are part of the European Union. As far as Europe is concerned, prices were the lowest in Kyiv, Ukraine.
The two major European countries are the 14th and 15th to officially get behind the EU Court proceedings against Hungary for its 2021 law restricting the teaching of gender theory
The Hungarian people were born to ride horses, and their love of horse sports is encoded in their genes. If we continue to do excellent work in every area of
The PM opined that if the escalation leads to a world war, it is definitely going to be nuclear. He said that the situation in Ukraine is getting worse by
This year, the Highlights of Hungary Ambassador’s Award was won by Ferenc Berend for his unique no-till farm, Somogyi Kószáló Farm, located in Somogy County in south-western Hungary. Mr Berend’s
Corvinus University of Budapest is the only institution in Hungary to have been awarded the international BSIS certification for its contribution to local and regional socio-economic development.
The pièce de résistance of this year’s Virág Judit Gallery auction will be a large oil canvas by Hungarian French abstract painter Simon Hantaï, with a starting price of 32