Hungarian Conservative

Day: April 6, 2023

To make the process of reducing inflation as strong and significant as possible, all possible tools must be used, they added. For this reason, in collaboration with the government, the
The government supports the planned development works of Hungaroring in Mogyoród, and according to preliminary plans, the 2026 Hungarian Grand Prix will be held in the completely renovated facility.
The four-day Hollókő Easter Festival includes folk programs, Palóc cuisine, bucket-dumping water fights, Kerekes Band and Parno Graszt concerts, as well as children’s programmes.
The Hungarian foreign minister reminded that the rights of Transcarpathian Hungarians have been systematically curtailed in Ukraine since 2015, and the most recent example of this is that minority schools
French television regularly reports on accidents between pedestrians and often speeding scooter riders, and in Paris, rental scooters are a constant problem for the municipality, as people leave them at