Hungarian Conservative

Day: March 29, 2023

The so-called ‘kurgan’ is dated from the Bronze Age period. Reconstruction efforts have just started to preserve the invaluable relic from the ancient past.
‘The cooperation between the National Council for Sustainable Development and the government has become exemplary with the adoption of the strategic framework. This cooperation is the guarantee for achieving our
According to recent polls, the Finns Party is predicted to win the most seats in the upcoming election, potentially leading to the formation of a nationalist right-wing government for the
At the very dawn of the Space Age, Hungarians laid the foundation for humanity’s first steps above the surface of our world. If we are to ever advance into the
The Japan-Korea reconciliation is good news for both countries, the USA and the free world, and bad news for China, whose aggressive and threatening behaviour and wolf warrior diplomacy helped
Máté Kocsis wrote on Facebook: ‘Hungary is a committed member of NATO and the European Union, so we will do everything in our power to promote and maintain peace, and