Hungarian Conservative

Day: March 28, 2023

The European Commission and Germany announced a deal that will permit the sale of combustion-engine cars running solely on synthetic e-fuels beyond 2035. The final vote of the EU Council
Referring to the congregation of Angyalföld, he cited its origin: at the beginning of the last century, a few enthusiastic young pastors began a mission in the poor, working-class neighbourhood.
Chris Rufo also issued a warning to his Budapest audience: just because CRT would not fit in the Hungarian historical context, does not mean it cannot be successfully propagated here,
As far as social cohesion is concerned, Hungary made significant progress during the examined period: we improved by 16.9 index points in six years, which meant an advancement of five
Hungary has always been on the side of peace, but the country needs strength and preparation for its defence, and it must participate in peace-supporting operations within the framework of
The name change may be a desperate attempt to lure away the few voters LMP, Hungary’s only professedly green party, still has, as polls regularly measure close to zero support