Hungarian Conservative

Day: March 6, 2023

As an example of Christian-based politics, the President presented the elements and principles of Hungarian family policy. She highlighted that it is not the state’s role to tell anyone how
A new draft legislation has been posted on the government’s website which details plans to increase teachers’ salaries, introduce employment relationships in public education, and make other miscellaneous changes to the
Trans-Dniester in Moldova is considered to be Russia’s next target for invasion by the intelligence communities of multiple countries. Meanwhile, there has been social unrest is the capital city of
According to data shared by the Ministry of Economic Development, this is the most favourable February data ever, with the number of job seekers decreasing by an additional 7,000 compared
Criticising the draft resolution submitted by Fidesz and the Christian Democrats, DK deputy group leader Gergely Arató told an online press conference that his party’s proposal focused on the interests
According to the sources reviewed, it is evident that Jewish communities were subjected to the same extent of plundering by the short-lived Communist regime in 1919 as the Christian churches.
Despite the continual support and humanitarian aid provided by Hungary, serious anti-Hungarian voices and resentment of Hungary still appear in the Ukrainian media.
Beijing does not seem to be deterred from aiding Moscow with military supplies despite yet another warning by the Biden administration. China was also unwilling to condemn Russia’s aggression at