Hungarian Conservative

Day: February 26, 2023

At the 2005 World Youth Day, Pope Benedict said that only on the basis of the dignity of human life can we authentically strive for non-violence, sustainable development, justice, peace
According to the website Italian Defence Technologies, the helicopters proposed to the Hungarian military are the newly developed Leonardo AW-249-NEES attack helicopters.
A North-American activist group is offering the words ‘egg donor’ to replace ‘mother’ and ‘sperm donor’ for ‘father’; while males and females it insists should be called sperm-producing/egg-producing individuals.
While it is unlikely that forced landings in the European Union will become commonplace in the future, they are clearly an effective method of illegal immigration.
Life in the East was not at all easy for the newcomers, as they had to preserve their traditions while developing their identity in a completely new social and religious