Hungarian Conservative

Day: January 26, 2023

While Europe was busy disciplining Hungary and Poland, the far-left Socialist government of Spain, preparing for re-election, surreptitiously smuggled its politicians into the Constitutional Court.
Conservatives are those who uphold tradition, the nation, and the values of the Bible. If we take care to uphold those principles consistently, it will become increasingly difficult, and eventually
Since all of Tate’s views greatly rely on blaming a system that intentionally represses their ‘truth’, censoring them only adds fuel to the fire.
The size of the Ukrainian trident compares to the magnitude of the massive Mukachevo castle the same way decades of Ukrainian rule compare to the one-thousand-year-old Hungarian history in Transcarpathia.
Whether the Western Balkans will be inside or outside Europe in the coming decades will also determine the development of the EU, President Katalin Novák emphasised.