Hungarian Conservative

Day: June 8, 2022

The discussion focused on the current energy crisis, in the context of the recent Hungarian and French elections and the Russian-Ukrainian war. The panelists also provided an expert analysis of
Overall, the German automotive industry employs around 50, 000 people in the country and generates 2.5 per cent of the Hungarian GDP. The production value of the industry rose by 165
The two political experts’ book on the violence of the political left – “Der Kampf ist nicht zu Ende” – is a real curiosity on the book market. The authors provide concise
The reports collected by the secret police were not necessarily political in nature – secret agencies collected information about the personal life of poets, sportsmen and the cultural elite, not
Hungarian Conservative – Volume 2, Number 3 – has been published!
Why are we not praying for Christians? Why are we not doing something? Why are we not moved by their plight? They must not be forgotten.