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The Hungarian Summit has proven to be a key event for enhancing economic, educational, community, and cultural relations between Hungary and the United States. Its fourth instalment, featuring distinguished speakers
The event was organized by the Defence Sports Federation established in 2017 to provide young people with unique, military-style pre-training opportunities. This year saw a record number of entries, and
This season’s ambassadors of the Highlights of Hungary initiative, aiming to showcase each year the most diverse outstanding Hungarian achievements, have been introduced to the public. A psychologist, a TV
‘I’m the Executive Director, but I also know that if there’s garbage, somebody must take it out. Similarly, I’m six feet tall, so if something in the back or on
Denisa Bott-Varga has been an active member of the 110-year-old Hungarian American Athletic Club in New Brunswick and leader of the local Csűrdöngölő Folk Dance Ensemble since the early 2000s,
Andrea Mészáros has been an active member of the Hungarian community in Cleveland since her childhood. In the interview she talks about her family, her strong attachment and dedication to
Deputy State Secretary for Higher Education at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Innovation Veronika Varga-Bajusz talked about the challenges of preserving the identity of Hungarians beyond the border. She
The foreign minister called the preservation of communities that stayed together in ‘every storm‘ extremely important at the opening of the renovated Old School in Western Hungarian Hegykő. The project