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‘It’s really important to understand that we’re not operating military to military with ground rules and understanding of military bases in uniform as these terrorists are not wearing uniforms and
The new aircraft acquired by the HDF will also represent a niche development for NATO forces in the region, as Hungary is the second European country and NATO member state
The minister underscored that strengthening ties with the United Arab Emirates, a significant economic and military power in the Gulf region, can complement Hungary’s defence development programme, whether it involves
The objective of the exercise is to test the military’s readiness for and response to an imagined situation threatening Hungary’s security. Another goal is to test the capabilities of the
The Russian invasion of Ukraine forced most NATO members to reckon with the poor shape of their military and left them searching for quick fixes. Countless procurement programmes have been
Poland’s efforts to turn its growing military power into political influence may be hampered by criticism of its alleged rule of law issues and concerns over its arms purchases from
Upgrading the Hungarian military industry means that “Hungarians give Hungarian weapons to Hungarian soldiers”.
While joint US-Korean military drills were scaled down in the last couple of years, now they have returned in their past size as tens of thousands of soldiers train for
At the opening of the competition final Zsolt Kutnyánszky, State Secretary for Defence Policy, Military Development, and Defence Industry at the Ministry of Defence emphasized that Hungary needs ‘young people
Hungary’s commitment to national security remains unwavering in the face of 21st-century challenges, Minister of Defence Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky stated at the inauguration of the new Cyberspace Operations Centre of the