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‘If we are looking for a more idealistic, right-wing conservative solution to the puzzle, we have to question the current form of the EU as it is. It may be
A few days after an Afghan immigrant killed a policeman with a knife and injured several others in Mannheim, another knife attack has taken place in the German city. This
Four days after the EP elections, the Center for Fundamental Rights held a press conference analysing the implications of the results. They concluded that there was a significant increase in
Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah threatens to use Syrian refugees as a political weapon while also warning Cyprus of a possible attack if the island nation assists Israel militarily. The group’s
The integration of the countries of the region into the EU is a decades-long process, the positive outcome of which is still to be seen. Thus, the number of Eurosceptics
While the media and European politicians representing globalist interests frequently voice doubts about the Hungarian Government’s ability to properly and democratically hold the rotating presidency, it should be noted that,
On 16 January Germany’s Christian Democrats (CDU) elected a new party chairman, Armin Laschet. Where will he lead the party, and will he be the new chancellor?
The political debates of the last half decade show that the concept of sovereignty has revived in the political public.
Until 2024, Hungary will maintain $500,000 a year in support of the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces, contributing to Afghanistan’s internal stability.
The real change in the relations between the two countries date back to the early 2010s when such international and domestic events occurred which brought the two states, or rather