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Termed the ‘Oscars of tourism,’ this accolade not only crowns the Liget Budapest Project as Europe’s most comprehensive cultural urban development but also positions it as the paramount tourism development
The Liget Budapest project is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. To commemorate this, it will have its own exhibition at the Budapest Museum of Ethnography. The museum quarter of the City
In the statement, it was revealed that in a public vote by the renowned international newspaper, which boasts nearly 200 million readers worldwide, the Hungarian institution realized within the Liget
The National Museum of Photography, opening in 2025, will include over a thousand square metres of exhibition space, a specialized library, museum educational workshops, and professional events.
The Hungarian Museum of Ethnography moves to a building custom-designed for it for the first time in its one-hundred-and-fifty-year history. The new building in the Hungarian capital is one of
It is not only the architectural heritage of the capital city that the Fidesz government has been eager to preserve, but that of the countryside as well.
A renaissance of exceptional Hungarian architecture is good news not only for art lovers, but also because great buildings create connections and build community.
Hungarian Christmas markets regularly make it to the top of European rankings as the country prepares for the festive season.
At an award ceremony recognizing excellence in tourism, State Secretary Csaba Dömötör acknowledged the resilience of the Hungarian tourism sector, standing on multiple pillars, diverse experiences, and the commendable dedication
Nearly 16 million tourists spent over 41 million guest nights in Hungary last year, with the revenues of the hospitality sector seeing a double-digit growth, surpassing inflation.