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While political festivals are not unique per se, there is something unique about how the Hungarian right organizes its gatherings. Their continuing success is not due to populist chauvinism, or
The first V4 summit of the year is scheduled for 27 February, with a focus on illegal migration, energy security, and the EU’s strategic objectives. After the estrangement caused by
‘The way PM Orbán has redefined Hungarian identity and sought to maintain, develop and foster relationships with Hungarians who were dispossessed of their homeland in the Treaty of Trianon is
It’s good to have demons. You need a Trump in Europe and it might as well be Orbán — says Jordan B. Peterson on why Hungary is portrayed so badly
‘The Visegrad Group has reached a tipping point in the face of growing geopolitical and security challenges. The external and internal dynamics of the regional alliance of the Czech Republic,
At the launch event of the new book published by MCC Press and the Migration Research Institute titled Kié itt a tér? (Who does this space belong to?) a panel
A recent panel of remarkable political thinkers from across the West attempted to define the essence of conservatism, along with its current direction and its possible future pathways. A report
‘Hungary is a literal crossroads nation between Europe and Asia due to its geography and culture. It exists on the edge of Western civilization, as can be seen in Huntington’s
The fact that Christian socialist and Christian democratic tendencies simultaneously appeared in the nascent political Catholicism is another similarity between the Hungarian and the European scenes.
Russia’s aggression against Ukraine not only opened a new era in geopolitics but also affected the political framework for the protection of national minorities.