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This article will help you understand why this position was so coveted by those seeking to control the country – among them the Nazi occupiers of 1944 and the Communists. 
While most of the time Emmanuel Macron appears to be completely in line with the common position represented by the NATO allies and the European Union member states, there are
In order to better understand Machiavelli, one should not just read The Prince. One must examine all of his works, and do so specifically within the context of the socio-political
To fully grasp the situation of Russian Christianity, it is necessary to have an understanding of the historical vicissitudes of the Church.
The question was posed as follows: was Hungary truly occupied, or did enough of Hungarian sovereignty remain to label the country “independent”?
Former Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski shared his views on sanctions, the outcome of the war and Viktor Orbán with conservative weekly Mandiner.
As last week Europe’s largest nuclear power plant stopped operating, another case of a large-scale nuclear catastrophe loomed in the air. At the time it was avoided, however, the Zaporizhzhia
In the second part of our article questions about the ultimate objectives of the West, the stability of President Putin as a leader, and the issue of post-war reparations are
The Islamic faith has five pillars, and jihad is not among them—yet it is spreading as a devastating ideology in the Muslim world and its border areas. An interview with
‘1956 could teach us lessons in all these areas today. And I hope that wise Hungarian politicians, and we have always had them, will search this road.’