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Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky stated the Hungarian government’s position remains clear: migration must be curbed and the problem must be dealt with locally. Migration and terrorism go hand in hand,
During his recent talks in Tbilisi, the Hungarian Defence Minister stressed that Hungary strongly supports Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations, and highlighted the importance of Hungarian-Georgian military cooperation.
The minister underscored that strengthening ties with the United Arab Emirates, a significant economic and military power in the Gulf region, can complement Hungary’s defence development programme, whether it involves
Serbia’s Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister, Miloš Vučević, expressed gratitude for Hungary’s consistent support for Serbia’s path to European Union membership. He emphasized the strategic partnership and an
Turkey is an extremely important regional player in terms of security policy, and its voice is indispensable in international conflicts that risk the security of all of us, the Hungarian
‘Hungary and Austria are good neighbours and maintain very close cooperation in almost all areas, including the field of the military and defence,’ the Hungarian Minister of Defence underlined after
The third day of Tusványos remained as eventful as the previous one, with many prominent Hungarian government officials taking the opportunity to share their thoughts on stage. What follows is
The minister recalled that the world has been facing direct threats of war for the past two years, and the renewed global competition among major powers has fundamentally changed the
The objective of the exercise is to test the military’s readiness for and response to an imagined situation threatening Hungary’s security. Another goal is to test the capabilities of the
After days of relentless rain, leading to severe flooding and landslides caused by the downpour, emergency services were mobilised in multiple regions of Austria and Slovenia. Hungarian military aid is