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Pope Francis missed this opportunity to embrace a country that has charted a remarkably Catholic course in the heart of secular Europe.
Let us consider a few examples, the most widely accessed sources of international news to represent that Hungary is increasingly and undeservedly depicted negatively. 
Following two decades of Westernization after 1989, the western and central parts of Europe began to drift apart and then to diverge, not without historical precedent.
Pál Teleki, famous Hungarian politician and geographer, believed that the preservation of the Carpathian Basin as an undivided hydrographical unit could serve as a compelling argument of natural geography against
Let us have a look at what is behind the results and what conclusions Europe can draw from the German elections.
Today Hungary has the second highest proportion in Europe of respondents who would ideally like to have a large family; nine out of ten Hungarians believe that the government should
Christian political theology rejects the optimistic Enlightenment belief in progress, for it seeks to remember those who have fallen out of collective memory, itself defined in the modern age by
It is time to acknowledge that patriotism may indeed be considered a virtue, while liberalism tainted with globalism is a force that is out to destroy the nation state.
‘National identity is not something that’s threatening, it’s something that should be celebrated.’
In order to restart the economy, Macron is proposing measures with both social and economic dimensions, including an EU-level fuel tax and EU standards to be enforced in trade agreements, and