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A recent study out of the United Kingdom found that with the European energy crisis, one in three church buildings costs more to maintain in a year than what its
Can the UK stick to its Net Zero goals as record heatwaves, the need to find a new PM and the cost of living crisis puts it all in jeopardy?
Hungarian climate policy affirms the possibility of climate-friendly economic development, where economic development is carried out in a sustainable manner in line with the requirements of climate protection.
The European Parliament denied the decree that would have deemed both nuclear energy and crude-oil as unsustainable sources.
Weeks of farmers’ protests across Europe seem to have broken Brussels, with the European Commission making significant concessions to disgruntled farmers. However, quick symptomatic treatments will not resolve the deep-rooted
European consumers may face the prospect of energy rationing in the winter, Shell chief executive Ben van Beurden has warned.
The European General Court on Wednesday rejected the Austrian government’s lawsuit against the European Commission, confirming that the Paks nuclear power plant expansion had indeed not received illegal state funding.
While the energy crisis is wreaking havoc across Western Europe, leaders are starting to consider unconventional ideas to combat shortages.
In his speech to Hungary’s parliament on Monday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán noted that while US prices for oil, natural gas, and electricity are a fraction of those in
Some observers believe that the war offers a painful but historic opportunity for Europe to detach itself from fossil fuels more rapidly than planned, and the scarcity of energy will