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‘We have started building a network of conservative think tanks and foundations all over Europe. The only way to go forward for conservatives is to establish a collaboration between think
‘There are always fashions, there are always ideologies, there have always been, and always will be. Art managers and artists tend to ride the waves of fashion on a surfboard.
The past will not be annulled by short-sighted and counterproductive acts like the removal of the turul statue. What those acts do, however, is demonstrate to Hungarians that despite all
The best side is the neutral side, that is staying out of the killing. ‘Anyone who disputes this and spouts moral arguments has never seen war,’ Demkó warned.
The massive strikes on the Ukrainian capital have overshadowed the Berlin meetings, while at the same time highlighted the importance of Central European EU members working closely together to provide
Most Europeans have had enough of the shady, behind-the-scenes dealings in European politics and of needing to swallow every bitter pill they are served by unelected bureaucrats with too much
‘When would it be timelier to remember the Golden Bull than today, when Hungary is fighting for the respect of its right to dissent against Brussels’s plans that are
Hungary’s first ever shadow government was announced by Democratic Coalition (DK) MEP Klára Dobrev a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, there are quite a few problems with this promising initiative
As is customary in Hungary when it comes to the criticism of any government measure, the vehement attacks on the amendment of Hungary’s abortion law misconstrue the facts.
Defying threats to her life and a concerted media smear campaign, Giorgia Meloni is set to write history as Italy’s first female prime minister.