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‘If the world’s largest trading bloc gives up on the concept of free trade, the entire global economy will be hurt.’
The main doctrine of the trans cult is to deny reality, especially its most obvious aspect, the biological aspect.
Schiffer also stressed that FIFA—and rightly so—takes action against homophobic slurs and acts, just as it does not allow players to be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual
Energy-intensive industries are starting to migrate to America because of the much cheaper gas and electricity available there—POLITICO cited Belgian chemical giant Solvay as an example, which recently announced that it would no
According to the latest data from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH), the gross average wage of full-time employees increased by 17.8 per cent in September in the case of
The Czech Prime Minister said at the joint press conference that he was convinced the V4 cooperation had a future. He underscored that the meeting in Kosice was important, as
The Paks nuclear power plant currently prevents the emission of 14.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, and with the expansion, this will increase by another 17 million tons.
Hardly a week passes by without news breaking that some church leader, in some cases even contradicting the official teaching of their own church, publicly endorses the LGBTQ+ ideology.
Essentially, it seems that in liberal feminist circles, a conservative female leader is worthless, as someone who by definition cannot represent women’s issues and who actually suppresses women.
Hardships do not promote solidarity; they only serve to apply more federalist and progressive pressure on cornered nations. As Saint-Just proclaimed during the French revolution, ‘there is no freedom for