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A short Christmas tale about an angel, pine trees, sore muscles, and joy.
‘It seems clear that both federalists and sovereigntists agree that the current treaty framework isn’t up to the task of addressing the crises in the European Union and its Member
The Sovereignty Protection Office will operate independently from all Hungarian constitutional bodies. Its primary objective will involve identifying and probing actions related to disinformation and attempts to influence the decision-making
Is it possible that concerns over the health and safety of EU citizens regarding the ‘illicit’ drug trade, suddenly dissipate when it becomes ‘licit’ ? If the answer to this is
‘I think that’s why the European Commission does not take the approach with Eurobarometer that the Hungarian government is taking with the National Consultations—because they would realize that Europeans are
‘Hungary’s not asking for something that is illegal, as the state is just exercising its legal rights in a way that is—from a Brussels point of view—unpopular,’ Professor Charles Kesler
‘Hungary now faces three options: exiting the European Union, surrendering, or actively forming alliances,’ David Tse-Chien Pan, a Professor of German at the University of California, Irvine, argues. An interview
The Group of Friends, the nine EU member states that are pushing for the reform of decision-making in the Union, view unanimous decision-making as a weapon. But in fact,
‘It makes me extremely embarrassed and sad as an American to see this envoy from the Biden administration coming here with bizarre sex politics, trying to push them on Hungarians