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Authors - Stageing: Ákos Bence Gát

As the European Commission’s politicization takes place without real democratic political legitimacy, serious dilemmas arise: what exactly are the interests of the President of the European Commission, and whom does
The Hungarian government has recently announced a significant legal initiative: under the Hungarian Council presidency, the creation of a new rule of law assessment procedure overseeing EU institutions could be
‘We should not turn a blind eye to the EP representatives who seem to be out of line with their role. Repositioning the power of the EP is actually part
What works well in painting does not necessarily work well in politics, law and international relations. It’s time to make the details count instead of vague ‘impressions’ and the elusive
It has become fashionable to portray Member States’ right of veto as a prehistorical tool, which prevents the EU from functioning efficiently. In reality, unanimous decision-making is a key condition