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While Hungary Wants to Protect Children, the EU Wants to Expose Them to Over-Sexualized LGBTQ+ Trends by Sáron Sugár

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While Hungary Wants to Protect Children, the EU Wants to Expose Them to Over-Sexualized LGBTQ+ Trends

Last week the majority of the European Parliament voted a resolution that called the European Commission to initiate further proceedings and sanctions against Hungary and Poland as they ‘violated’ European values with their LGBTQ policies.

In the last few years there has never been a time when Hungary did not have to go against the tide with the European Union because of its radical demands and ideologies. Now, instead of dealing with more serious issues, it seems like that the EU will not stop its fight against the Hungarian government until it surrenders to the ‘woke’ ideologies that have been permeating the functioning of the Union for several years. But what are those European “values” that Hungary supposedly has breached with its Child Protection Act? 

Even though the bill was proposed on 6 June 2021, the EU still does not want to be informed of its actual content as the text of the bill does not include anything that would discriminate against LGBTQ+ adults. Still, many say that this is a homophobic and transphobic bill; however, if someone reads through the actual text, they can see that the sole purpose of the bill is to protect children from pedophilia and over-sexualization. To revive it, the law only applies to children under the age of 18 and it states that: ‘… in order to ensure the rights of the child, pornography and content that depicts sexuality for its own purposes or deviation from gender identity, gender change and homosexuality are prohibited for children under 18.’ So, forbidding pornography, homosexual and heterosexual content and promoting hormone blockers that are dangerous to children really contradict the European values? As we mentioned in our previous article everything is accessible for teenagers on the internet, and this generation already watches contents like these, so virtually the law did not bring any changes.

The real change this law brought—which nowadays became really important—is that it confirms the right for parents to determine how they want to raise their children and what they want to teach them. 

The most common argument here in Hungary among opposition parties is that it was not important to create a bill that prohibits schools to teach LGBTQ+ propaganda as supposedly there is no school in Hungary which allows that

The most common argument here in Hungary among opposition parties is that it was not important to create a bill that prohibits schools to teach LGBTQ+ propaganda as supposedly there is no school in Hungary which allows that. Even though their argument might be correct, but if we look at European countries, the USA, Australia, or other Western countries we see that it is, in fact, a huge problem. According to PragerU’s short documentary titled Miseducated: The Decline of America’s Schools, 40 per cent of American schools and even kindergartens adopted a curriculum that teaches radical sex education at primary school, so before they go to high school, children basically have learnt that without parent permission they are able to choose their gender, and they can do whatever they want with their bodies. According to the curriculum, it is required for preschoolers to be able to question their gender identity, for second graders to know how to define gender identity and what gender-role stereotypes are there, three to five-graders are expected to discuss how sexual feelings and hormone blockers work for those who want to change their gender before puberty and finally six to eight-graders are expected to define sexual acts and know how to access an abortion. The documentary shows that there are more and more parents who are shocked to find out what their children are taught in schools and many, therefore, started to fight for normal education, but unfortunately as we can see it is getting harder and harder for them to achieve a change.

Last month the Daily Wire reported a case that America’s largest public-sector teacher’s union had filed a lawsuit against a Rhode Island mom and sent a bill for $74,000 only because the mom filed records asking about what her five-year-old daughter is exactly taught in kindergarten. Surely, many American parents would be extremely thankful if the US government would create a bill that protected their elementary school kids from the forced LGBTQ+ sexual propaganda. 

Unfortunately, another worrying trend has been unfolding in the US within the LGBTQ+ movement that shows that it is really important to protect children as sadly there are activists, who eagerly want to sexualize minors as pedophiles do. In July The Federalist raised the attention to an opinion article of a Yale professor, Joseph J. Fischel, titled “Keep Pride Nude” in which the gender professor claims that it would be great if children saw sex and nude people in Pride parades so they will not become homophobes. The LGBTQ+ activist article also points out that parents are actually oppressive with their children, as many children would react with curiosity to a Pride parade where there is nudity and sex scenes. The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse has reported that many pedophile abuse children by taking advantage of their curiosity. As The Federalist journalist, Spencer Lindquist, put it in his article: ‘If the right aims to conserve anything whatsoever, the innocence and purity of children must be at the top of the list. As long as there are academics, members of the media, and institutions that use the banners of tolerance, anti-racism, or acceptance to threaten the safety of children, conservatives must be willing to pierce through their obfuscation and endure the inevitable mudslinging in order to successfully defend the children, whose innocence is otherwise yet another casualty in an ongoing culture war.’

Unfortunately, these trends are not only present in the USA, but in many other countries as well. Activists or even parents easily put children to dangerous medical interventions even if the minor is at a very young age. To mention one more case, in Australia a mother happily contributed to her 15-year-old biological daughter’s gender transition by putting her on hormone blockers causing her teenage daughter to go through an early menopause. Sadly, nowadays there is not a week that goes by without hearing about such sad stories. As these trends reach more and more countries, it is quite naïve to think that it will not reach Hungary so, I am asking: isn’t it better to react in time to protect minors from these worrying, malformed worldwide trends before it is too late? 

Sáron Sugár, Danube Institute research fellow