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Hungarian Conservative Podcast 01: Live Not by Lies (Rod Dreher) by Péter Heltai

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Hungarian Conservative Podcast 01: Live Not by Lies (Rod Dreher)

‘Live Not by Lies’ – goes the famous Solzhenitsyn quote which is also the title of Rod Dreher’s recently published new book. Our podcast host and contributor, Péter Heltai speaks to Mr. Dreher about his work (which has also been reviewed in the first issue), the soft totalitarian phenomenon and the future of dissident voices and groups in the West.

What do Central European immigrants know that other Americans don’t? Well, one of the most crucial differences is certainly the experience of totalitarianism. Mr. Dreher, having heard several testimonies of Polish, Slovak and Hungarian-Americans, decided to make their voices louder. It’s been less an oral history project than a diagnosis of current trends, as the immigrants interviewed express concerns about the same patterns they see to emerge in Western societies. At their new home (soft) totalitarianism is on the rise and they haven’t left their countries to face it again. But what is this phenomenon exactly and how can one resist it? Join us on this podcast where we discuss the book and much more about “the new Bolsheviks”,  the actual means of resistance, and the duties of Christian dissidents. 

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