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Hungary to Host CPAC Again in 2023

In his remarks at CPAC México, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás stated that Hungary represents the hope of the conservative bloc in the free world.

Hungary Is Misrepresented in the International Media

Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás delivered remarks at CPAC México in Mexico City on Sunday, announcing that Hungary will host CPAC again in May 2023 in Budapest.

Gulyás emphasized that the launching of international CPACs has proved to be a wise decision. ‘There’s no goal unachievable when conservative forces band together to show their unity and strength,’ the minister said at the conference.

He highlighted that in 1981, the year he was born in, President Ronald Reagan said at a CPAC conference that ‘It’s been said that anyone who seeks success or greatness should first forget about both and seek only the truth, and the rest will follow.’ Gulyás added that while seeking the truth, one must not forget about one basic principle: ‘We must never forget where we originate from, where are roots are. This also means that we need to remember and respect our conservative values.’ The minister also underscored that individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, the rule of law, free markets and a Christian heritage are all standard conservative values. He remarked that in Europe, Hungary has a history of over a thousand years, with a rich culture and strong spiritual reserves that have helped the nation survive. While the Hungarian state has 10 million residents, Hungary is a nation of 15 million internationally, he highlighed. The minister also added that Hungarians have always fought for their freedom, and 32 years ago, they won their freedom fight against communism.

Gulyás then asked a rhetorical question: how come the mainstream international media dedicated so much coverage to Hungary, and why are Hungary’s opponents traying to destroy the country with the same anger and vehemence as directed against the former presidents of Brazil and the United States, countries that are incomparably larger and more powerful than Hungary. According to the minister, the answer is quite simple: Hungary represents the hope of the conservative bloc in the free world. Fidesz has winning elections since 2010, and consistently with an overwhelming majority of the votes. This May, 54 per cent of the people voted to keep the current government in place after 12 years in power. He added that if trustworthy and genuine information was published about Hungary in the media, it would pose a great threat to the leftists and the progressive liberals, because others might start to follow in Hungary’s footsteps. Minister Gulyás said that was the real reason why the mainstream media ‘lies about Hungary day in and day out’.  

Conservative Values and the Focus on Families

Despite all the criticism, Hungary, according to Gulyás, is a prosperous nation. Thanks to the performance of the Hungarian economy, which boasts one of Europe’s highest growth rates, today one million more people are employed than there were ten years ago, and wages have also been growing at a faster pace than ever before. Gulyás stated that Hungary is a desirable location for foreign investors, noting that the volume of the nation’s exports is breaking records every year. He reminded that Hungary spent five per cent of its GDP, or ‘three times as much as in 2010,’ on family assistance in 2021.

‘Our adversaries feel that individuals who hold the view that people are either born men or women are foes of freedom. They feel that anyone who thinks marriage should only be recognized as a union between a man and a woman is opposed to the rule of law. They feel people who hold that a state only exists if it is prepared to protect its boundaries does not respect fundamental rights. They believe that individuals who think that immigration without integration endangers society have no respect for human dignity,’ he remarked.

‘They erroneously believe that those who value conservative media outlets in addition to mainstream liberal ones oppose press freedom. For this reason, progressive liberalism is seen by more and more people as the greatest foe of freedom today, despite having done much for it in the 19th century. Today’s progressive liberalism is characterized by political correctness, restrictions on free speech and religion, and a disrespect for the free will of the electorate’, Gulyás declared.

Gulyás nailed down that conservative Hungary ‘has more clearly shown its dedication to freedom and democracy than anyone else.’ Everyone in the free world today talks about the value of liberty, democracy, and the rule of law, which they have taken for granted throughout their whole lives. As opposed to that, Hungary had to fight for liberty, democracy, and the rule of law, values to which the country’s conservative leaders remained loyal even under the communist regime, the minister concluded.

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In his remarks at CPAC México, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás stated that Hungary represents the hope of the conservative bloc in the free world.