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New Hungarian Conservative Journal to Appear on the International Media Market by Hungarian Conservative

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New Hungarian Conservative Journal to Appear on the International Media Market

Hungarian Conservative is a bimonthly magazine on contemporary political, philosophical and cultural issues from a conservative perspective.

Budapest, 13 April 2021 – A new publication entitled Hungarian Conservative will be available for international readers from mid-April. The aim of this bimonthly journal, published in Hungary, is to represent the voice of Hungary’s conservative thinkers at an international level. This journal, which will be on sale in several Western European countries, as well as the United States, Canada and Australia, will include articles written by well-known international experts, alongside those by Hungarians and writers from the Central European region. 

Hungarian Conservative, which mediates the Hungarian position on constructive conservatism, seeks primarily to provide an information platform for thinkers and decision makers in the domains of business and politics who represent a similar range of ideas.

In the words of István Kiss, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Hungarian Conservativeour goal is to create a Hungarian—and V4—centred writers’ forum, an intellectual workshop with members who thrive in an English-speaking environment, and who effectively represent and convey the essence of Hungarian conservatism. What we most want to share is the character of Hungarian national values and “Hungarianness”.’ He added that the magazine is expected to feature articles on political and philosophical issues related to Hungary and the wider region, written by renowned Hungarian journalists, experts, and distinguished foreign guest authors, such as former Die Welt correspondent Boris Kálnoky, renowned British conservative essayist Douglas Murray, and international lawyer Rodrigo Ballester.

Praising the significance of the new publication, Boris Kálnoky, head of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Media School, put it this way: ‘There is a distorted picture of Hungarian conservative thinking abroad. Racist, anti-Semitic, nationalist, dictatorial – these are the characteristic epithets. If, on the other hand, the Hungarian conservative worldview can be obtained from an authentic, English-language source, its true hallmarks can easily be recognized: it is multifaceted, judicious, and entirely lacking in malice. The spirit of the Hungarian Conservative cannot be compared to any other foreign journal, since even the tradition closest to it—Anglo-Saxon conservatism—is much more liberal. There, the state has no great value, while freedom and the individual are emphasized.’

The nearly 130-page journal will be published in Hungary on 15 April, and will reach major newsagents in the capitals of the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the United States, Canada, and Australia by the end of the month. Articles will also be available online at uses cookies to personalize and deliver appropriate content, analyze website traffic and display advertising. Visit our Cookie Policy to learn more. By clicking “Accept” you agree to our terms and may continue to use