Hungarian Conservative

Day: January 17, 2024

Leftist MEPs added a last-minute amendment to a resolution up for a vote on the European Parliament floor tomorrow in which they declare their intent to sue the European Commission
The Transport Minister proposed an increase of all salaries by at least a quarter of the present ones over the course of three years, and additionally, all MÁV and Volán
During their meeting in Budapest on Tuesday, the leaders of Hungary and Slovakia agreed on the need to rework a European Union plan to provide financial assistance to Ukraine.
According to the study, 15 per cent of young Hungarians frequently experience feelings of isolation, which is of concern as chronic loneliness not only has psychological ramifications but, in certain
Led by Hungarian MEPs Katalin Cseh and Anna Donáth, the left-wing majority in the European Parliament persisted in depriving Hungarian students and researchers of the benefits of Erasmus+. In a
The politician from the EP group Greens has been an avid opponent of PM Orbán of Hungary for years. Donald Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucus prompted him to disparage
The C–17 Aircrew Training System (ATS) Simulator is a sophisticated and comprehensive training platform designed to enhance the proficiency of aircrews operating the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, a large military
Having previously secured victories against Montenegro with a score of 26–24 on Friday and Serbia with a score of 28–27 on Sunday, the 33–25 victory over Iceland on Tuesday marked