Hungarian Conservative

Day: October 25, 2023

The Florida-based conservative commentator reminded all that Hamas has always had a tendency to use their own people as human shields with ‘their leaders in Doha, Qatar, living a lavish
Hungarian political analyst and commentator András László pointed out that according to a recent survey, a coalition of ECR, ID, and Fidesz MEPs could become the strongest political group in
Speaking in the National Assemblyabout the possibility of a military mission being launched, Hungarian Minister of Defence Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky explained that such a mission would only take place at the
The Department of State’s failure to respond to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request has only aggravated existing concerns about the potential political motivation behind the Visa Waiver changes. The Judicial Watch
During her visit to Australia, President Novák discussed key demographic issues with former Australian PM Tony Abbott, met with Margaret Elaine Gardner, the Governor of Victoria State, and gave a
In the statement, the MEPs said that the four left-wing groupings of the EP held a joint press conference on Monday at which Germany’s Green MEP Daniel Freund and Hungary’s
According to local press and public police reports, the 53-year-old Hungarian man got into an argument with one of his friends’ brother in an apartment, who stabbed him to death.
Katalin Novák stressed that one of the purposes of her visit to Australia was to keep the motherland’s connection with the Hungarian diaspora alive, and as part of the effort,
The Budapest Ballet Grand Prix is open to dancers aged 15 to 24 who consider dance to be their vocation. Participants from professional schools and ensembles can compete in three
The building complex, designed by acclaimed Hungarian architect and designer Károly Kós and housing the most important Hungarian cultural institution beyond Hungary’s borders, will reopen on 26 October.