Hungarian Conservative

Day: April 24, 2023

Katalin Novák sent the whistleblower bill back to parliament for reconsideration, as she found that it fails to give the fundamental rights of Hungarians an elevated level of protection, as
Following the escalation, the Hungarian government started to evacuate Hungarian citizens from the affected zones. Four individuals have already been evacuated from Sudan, while the taking to safety of six
Will the European Union gradually evolve into a community of fate? Whether or not this is going to happen will depend on the Europeans’ ability to learn from each other
Viktor Orbán emphasised at the event organised by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry that six out of ten students who finish their primary education continue their studies in
On the day of the performance, artists will only be able to bring in a small bag with them. This means security checks will be similar to those at airports,
Zsolt Bayer, known for his radical rhetoric, announced that another Peace March would be held during the papal visit, and asked people to attend in ‘awfully large numbers’, as a