Hungarian Conservative

Day: April 4, 2023

Last year, the US terminated the 1979 double taxation avoidance agreement with Hungary. According to Szijjártó, the USG took this step in response to the Hungarian government not giving its
His Holiness was treated for bronchitis last week, after he had breathing difficulties as he finished his public audience in St Peter’s Square. His health thankfully won’t be impairing him
MFAT State Secretary Levente Magyar stated after inaugurating the Zahalca kindergarten near Kyiv that the new building ‘is a serious sign and indicator of how significantly Hungary is present in
The President said there is a need for teachers who focus on the students, placing them at the centre of their work and keeping their long-term interests in mind.
‘Normally, a member state’s disputes with Brussels about compliance with the EU regulations should not affect its NATO membership at all. What’s more, the European Union is not a ‘top-down
The expert speakers at the event expressed confidence that the much-talked-about plant will not be a major pollution source in the area, as there are legally mandated limits to harmful