Hungarian Conservative

Day: March 23, 2023

Demonstrating that the bond between the two states is more than just political declarations or self-interested cooperation, Hungary is marking the Day of Hungarian–Polish friendship with a series of cultural
Press reports have claimed that the Hungarian Football Association successfully argued to UEFA that the disputed imagery represents unity among Hungarian communities across all borders, and displaying it is not
An Israeli expert, who requested anonymity, told Hungarian Conservative that there is no doubt foreign NGOs involved in the protests are funded not only by private individuals but by European
Hungary managed to stay above the EU average with a fertility rate of 1.61 in 2021. This is also a sizable increase compared to the 1.23 figure the country reported in 2011.
Hungary’s green party, LMP vocally objects to the planned investments on environmental grounds. First, it started organising a local referendum in Debrecen on the matter. Although the party did get