Hungarian Conservative

Day: February 24, 2023

Today, law has taken on a legalistic attribute, consequently shunning the spirit of the law, or rather, Roman jurisprudence.
Marking the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tibor Benkő, the Hungarian minister of defence at the start of the war, and György Nógrádi, acclaimed security policy expert
Around 125 billion HUF is estimated to have been invested in the five designated ‘spectator sports’ through the Hungarian government’s tax benefit programme in 2022.
‘I have a very unpopular view of the war in Ukraine, in the United States. I am more welcome here in my view than anywhere in the United States. I
The offshore scandal in which Judit Rácz Földi of DK has been implicated serves as an excellent opportunity for Momentum to take on DK in the struggle for dominance on