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While the United Kingdom mourns the Queen’s death, some rejoice that an ‘oppressor’ and ‘symbol of colonialism’ has died. Against all vile accusations, it is crucial to remember that the
On Monday Britain and the world paid their respects to Queen Elizabeth II at a state funeral. President of the Republic Katalin Novák and her spouse were also in attendance.
Mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Hungary remembers her historic visit in 1993, when she expressed joy over the country joining the family of democratic Western nations after
The King’s openly political engagement in Wiltshire confirms the prediction that Charles III may very well become a ‘meddling’ ruler, unlike his predecessor, Queen Elizabeth II.
Did you know that Elizabeth II is a descendant of the Hungarian conqueror Árpád — of the female branches?
The United Kingdom’s new ruler, Charles III is one of the less popular royals, with some predicting that he may become a meddling monarch.
The earliest Hungarian princes and kings can also be found among the many ancestors of today’s British Royal family: between British King Charles III and the Pagan Hungarian Prince Árpád,
What is the point of monarchies? What do kings stand for that presidents of republics do not? 
Evidence indicates that the UK has become more polarised when it comes to people’s positions on salient issues. Great Britain is also witnessing a fragmentation of political support and ‘affective
The newly crowned British monarch arrived in Transylvania, Romania, a few days ago. King Charles III is a frequent guest in the Eastern European country, as he is especially attracted