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Many examples of resistance to the Nazis were cited by the national committees after the Soviet occupation, in the people’s prosecutors cases and the people’s tribunal cases as well. These
The Germans had demanded the deportation of the Hungarian Jewry long before the German occupation. A note in October 1942, in which German Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Luther summarised his
In this article, we attempt to present the contradictory situation the Hungarian royal police found itself in after the German occupation of 1944.
The ghettoisation of Jews and the establishment of Jewish police units took place in rural Hungary after the German occupation of 19 March 1944. The police was set up with
It must have been clear to everyone that a decision had to be made about whether they wanted to be on the side of the government, collaborating with the German
The question was posed as follows: was Hungary truly occupied, or did enough of Hungarian sovereignty remain to label the country “independent”?
In recent years, the number of German citizens moving to Hungary permanently, not only for holiday, study or work, has been increasing. The motives behind this phenomenon are often personal,
The public discourse of the time, spearheaded by the left-wing press, was bloodthirstily demanding the holding accountable of those responsible for the horrors of WWII, forming an opinion first and
It is important to point out that the anti-Semitic authorities were just as cruel to Jewish policemen as they were to any other Jew.
Greta Thunberg has voiced the opinion that the Western media ‘brainwashes’ people about Israel, and recently wore a Palestinian scarf to a climate protest in Amsterdam. As a result, Fridays