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The precarious situation created by the war could bring the renaissance of nuclear energy as it appears to be a proper answer to energy security issues while helping governments to
The Asia-Pacific region is facing its worst energy crisis in years, and the consequences of their responses will likely affect the entire globe.
Despite climate and clean energy transition targets, the current energy crisis has forced many countries to increase coal-based power generation. The question is: can we expect a turn in coal
A recent study out of the United Kingdom found that with the European energy crisis, one in three church buildings costs more to maintain in a year than what its
America went from being a net energy importer to a net energy exporter. Today, US energy sources are more diversified and abundant than ever before.
‘Energy security, in terms the consumer understands, needs to address three things: reliability, affordability, and acceptability, in that order. These terms apply to a nation state’s understanding of energy security,
The International Monetary Fund has advised governments against granting widespread financial assistance amid the energy crisis. While energy companies would continue to enjoy unprecedented profits, average househoulds would be hit
The solution to the energy supply crisis that Europe is facing should not be the imposition of a gas or oil price cap, since that only further reduces the availability
The adopted amendments to the Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency, designed to respond to the energy crisis, cover new trading practices such as algorithmic trading and strengthen
James Woudhuysen, the author of the study and a guest professor at London South Bank University, stated that the EU energy policy and decision-making are more ‘performative’ than effective, and