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‘The question I am left with about Hazony’s rediscovered conservatism is whether it is a conservatism that is, or could be, rediscovered, or is it a conservatism that has never
When a young man and woman decide to marry, they do not want to have a marriage based on market rules which is: if someone better comes, then I will
Hazony suggests that significant change can be brought about in states with a Christian, Jewish, or conservative majority by creating a public culture similar to that of Israel or Hungary,
Prime Minister Orbán spoke to Yoram Hazony at a panel discussion at NatCon 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. A two-minute clip of the interview, in which he discusses illegal migration and
A vibrant panel discussion on 30 May 2024 in Budapest looked at the impact of Brexit on Europe and the EU, and on the importance of nation-states and the conservative
The guiding thread of Hungarian conservative thinking has always been to represent the Hungarian national interest, and thus the preservation of the country’s sovereignty and freedom—this is understood to supersede
Conservatives are those who uphold tradition, the nation, and the values of the Bible. If we take care to uphold those principles consistently, it will become increasingly difficult, and eventually
In Scruton’s philosophy…the social practice of legislation and jurisdiction could not be realized outside the national framework, because—regardless to their origins—the interpretation and the enforcement of the set of legal
DeMuth emphasized the core principles of national conservatism: advocating for sovereign nations with secure borders, promoting welfare for all citizens, and ensuring a government actively concerned with maintaining a healthy
In the age of soft colonization and hybrid neo-colonialism, the war of independence must be fought in the cultural field in the first place.