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According to press reports, Giorgia Meloni is in an endeavour to persuade Viktor Orbán to withdraw his veto on the €50 billion EU aid to Ukraine, offering a unique deal
During their meeting in Budapest on Tuesday, the leaders of Hungary and Slovakia agreed on the need to rework a European Union plan to provide financial assistance to Ukraine.
Governor Ron DeSantis has often been accused by the left-wing mainstream media in the US of closely emulating Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán. However, Orbán has always shown his preference for
‘Donald Trump is the president of peace,’ Viktor Orbán said in an interview with public M1 television. The interview focused, among other topics, on the Hungarian prime minister’s visit to
Orbán is asking everyone to let doctors and nurses do their jobs, and not to distribute fake videos.
All indications suggest that Viktor Orbán and Volodymyr Zelenskyy may soon be sitting down at the negotiating table. The parties have a multitude of contentious issues to discuss, beginning with
The European Parliament is threatening to revoke Hungary’s voting rights, with 120 MEPs petitioning for the launching of the next level Article 7 proceedings against Hungary ahead of a key
According to Slovak media, the assailant of Prime Minister Robert Fico is a 71-year-old man from Levice who kept a gun legally. PM Fico is currently undergoing life-saving surgery according
Viktor Orbán stated in Beijing that during President Xi Jinping’s tenure, Chinese–Hungarian relations have reached ‘unprecedented heights,’ which is extremely beneficial for Hungary. Orbán expressed gratitude to his host for
‘It’s hard not to think of another Hungarian who was a radical back in his student days: Viktor Orbán, who took on the existing Communist power structure. In fact, the